30.06.2012.Brajan attending on Summer Pulse 2012



– The Summer Pulse tries to satisfy the needs of the surroundings’ underground sphere.
We are waiting for all people who wants to have fun or relax with more noted players, more demanding music supply than in previous years and with dinamically rising of the standard.In this year at first we have two stages:The Main Stage and The Lounge Stage.
The noted players will act for the public on The Main Stage.
The Lounge Stage will give place for a relax if you need it and you can enjoy the act of the starting-up talents.
2012 is the first year when we can make a Talent Program. The young titans get a chance for an introduction and demonstration their talent. Some gift will be given the best one of them.
We think the guests who would come for free days and there will be a camping directly next to the palce of the festival on the beach.

30.06.2012 Subota / Szombat ( Techno )

Dj Egg / Srbija – Kanjiza
Deluxe / Hungary – Tatabánya
Brajan / Srbija – Subotica
Kavai / Srbija – Kanjiza
Dejan Peric / Srbija – Horgos

19.07.2012. Brajan on Summer 3p Festival

Line up:

19.07. Thursday
Gorje Hewek / Pro – Tez, Cyclic, Fidem [RU]
Roby Deep / System Recordings [SLO]
Brajan / Beat & Bones, Hell Dj Team
Timika / Funpro4Live Visual by Kids on Truth

20.07. Friday

Hedflux / Broken Robots Recordings [UK]
Palotai / Tilos Radio [HU]
Vida G / Nynfus Corporation [HU]
Prototip / Dj & Live Act, BeogradLive Visual by Kids on Truth
21.07. Saturday
Kassey Voorn / Bedrock, Cocoon, Sudbeat [GR]
Guntar / Balkan Beat Brothers
Ascaloon / Progressive Passion, iFACE
Chrono / Progressive Passion, Basica RecordingsLive Visual by Kids on Truth


 22.07. Sunday

Mladen Tomic / Night Light Records, Definitive, 1605 [B i H]
Kibz b2b Dfndr l Speed Progress, Atonal
Adamov b2b Mystique / RTS.FM, Beat & Bones, K-Players
The Code Crew

Live Visual by Kids on Truth